Wendy Schierman

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St. Cloud Beauty College 1988
I have a passion for Beauty and Wellness. I opened Genesis, September of 1992 in Hutchinson, Mn to create a unique experience for our guests incorporating relaxing Salon/Spa services as well as Wellness and Yoga classes. I have taken several trainings throughout my career with Aveda Services and Devanadi Yoga. I keep up to date on all the latest trends in the Beauty and Wellness fields. I have traveled extensively to various parts of the world including India, France, Caribbean, Italy, and Mexico to research Spa and Wellness trends in this industry. My goal is to provide our guests with the highest quality of customer service as well as individual attention to their every need! Favorite Aveda Products: EVERYTHING!! Volunteer Work: I have helped raise money for Earth Month, by providing free services and Events for this cause. I am also a Hospice Volunteer. I conduct a ‘Yoga in the Park’ event every June. We are on our 3rd year. All proceeds go to help families with end of life care.
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