Now offering Eyelash Extensions!!


What Are Eyelash Extensions?
Semi-Permanent, customized lashes that last up to 7-9 weeks!
Raved as "The Next Best Thing in Beauty" by ABC News, JB Lashes eyelash extensions is the secret to longer, fuller, more beautiful looking lashes. JB Lashes' superior quality lashes make all the difference in the wearer's appearance. Thick and beautifully curled, these lashes are completely safe for skin, eyes, and contact lenses. When correctly applied, they are so light weight the wearer never feels them.
A large segment of the female population - from celebrities to women in business - are wearing eyelash extensions.

Full Set of Lashes: $150
2 week fill: $35
3 week fill: $50
4 week fill: $65

Before and After
Before and After
Before and After
Before and After